How to block ads in android phone?

Here you will know “How you can block ads in Android phone” without installing any party app or rooting your device. You need to follow simple steps to do that.

However, this mean doesn’t that you will stop seeing ads on your mobile device from some of the apps like YouTube & few websites that use feature like ads block detector, but the good news is that you can block all website and app ads that come with apps with a simple feature called private DNS.

Private DNS setting options can be found in most modern Android phones, and you can use this to block ads in android phone.

Benefits of blocking ads in mobile devices

  1. Faster Browsing
  2. Reduced Data Usage
  3. Improved Battery Life
  4. Enhanced Privacy and Security
  5. Enhanced Focus
  6. Clean Interface

Here’s how you can do it:

1. Go to setting on your mobile phone.

go to setting

2. Click on the “Connection and Sharing” option or directly access Private DNS by searching “Private DNS” in the top search bar.

connection & sharing

3. Find the Private DNS option and access it.

private dns

4. Choose “Designated private DNS” and click on modify.

designated private dns

5. Clear the text space if anything is written there and write “”, and you have successfully block ads in Android phone.

Extra Tip: Occasionally, you might encounter a notification indicating a DNS connection error. In such cases, disable private DNS to resolve the issue.

Consider supporting websites you find valuable by subscribing to premium content or making donations, as ad blocking can impact the revenue that content creators and publishers rely on.

Remember, enabling ad-blocking should be a personal choice, and it’s always recommended to use it responsibly and accordingly to the website’s policies.

Happy browsing with fewer distractions and optimized mobile experiences!

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