How to speed up WordPress Website?

In this tutorial, I’ll guide step by step to speed up WordPress website. Increasing WordPress website speed is not an easy task, but you can make it faster by following the guidelines even if you don’t need to hire developers. Optimizing a WordPress website and making it faster can attract more users to your website. In the world more than 40% of websites use WordPress, it is very popular, easy to manage, and a flexible CMS software.

In this post I am not going into details about choosing to host or anything because it is well known to you, I will suggest to you all the real tactics and straightforward points that I have followed to speed up my personal and client websites.

Steps you can follow to speed up WordPress website.

Use Hosting as per your requirement

Any website that runs uses hosting but sometimes we compromise while choosing hosting to save money. Using good and speed hosting can help you to build trust with the users. There are a lot of hosting companies running in the market that’s why it’s not an easy way to find a good one. Before choosing hosting always research deeply about it. Hostinger might be cheaper and branded than any other company by the way this website also uses Hostinger.

Use lightweight theme

Using a lightweight and minimal design WordPress theme can reduce the burden of web browsers to load your website fast. The theme which looks more fancy and cool requires a lot of code and many js code which takes more time to load the complete page.

I suggest some of the great lightweight multipurpose WordPress free themes like – “OceanWP, Astra, and Blocksy” these are a few free lightweight themes that you can use on your website. Or if you want to use WordPress Premium theme then you can use themes like – “Newspaper, JN News, Jannah, Blueprint, etc., you can research more about premium themes before purchasing.

Delete Unused Plugins

Delete those plugins which is a good idea because it consumes background data while loading pages. It is good for your WordPress health and reduces the risk of infect by the virus.

Use only required and lightweight Plugins

Use only your required and limited plugins because each plugin you use consumes data. A plugin is a mini software for WordPress that adds some features to your website. Before adding any plugin always check its size and the features that it will add to your website. Don’t use too many plugins deactivate and delete them from the website only use those plugins that you have required to add features.

Optimise Images

Most WordPress website is slow because they use too many images without optimizing. From today stop using large-size images on your website and also all other formats of images except webp format images. If your website uses too many images then you can go for some plugins that automatically convert your all format images into webp format but if you are using fewer numbers of images on your website then you can convert images to webp manually from any site you can search on google or you can use BulkResize Images.

Use a CDN

Using CDN might be helpful to speed up WordPress website but it may not work if your WordPress website is not well-optimized. But go for it because it may reduce the loading times if your website is hosted on slow web hosting. By the way, CDN gives accelerated webpage speed very fast.

Use Wp Meteor Plugin

It is really a great plugin If your website even not using good hosting then it can optimize HTML, CSS & JS and speed up WordPress website. It is totally 100% free and it makes your website very speed even if you have never imagined that a single plugin can fix a slow WordPress website. It is really a life-changing plugin that will speed up WordPress website it can make your site faster up to 5x.

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