Top 5 highest paying skills to Learn in 2022

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If you want to earn money, then I will tell you about the top 5 highest-paying skills that you can master in 2022. After reading this post definitely, you will be inspired and maybe you will start learning. If you’re thinking that this post is only for guys who have an expensive laptop or need to buy then sorry because I have added my own experience. Really no matter what you have and not. I have added how you can learn and create a career in these fields.

1. Web Development

Nowadays, the internet is spreading rapidly not only in the cities even in villages. The demand for websites, increasing because small to small businesses demand their own websites. In this case, as a web developer, you can fill this gap by learning Front-end, Back-end, and Full Stack Web Development which can give you a lot of money in the upcoming years.

web development skill

If you want to learn Web Development then nothing is better than free tutorials on YouTube and particular topics in books. I suggest you visit Code with Harry on YouTube especially to understand and learn Web Development and many Other Programming languages in the Hindi Language.

Can you learn it from your smartphone? Then Sorry because in this case you need a simple pc/laptop or you purchase second hand for learning and enter in this field.

To start a career in this field you need to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc. After complete learning, you can start your own web development company/startup and If you want to keep it for a passive income you can do freelancing from Fiverr, Up Work, etc.

2. Graphics Design

A work of a graphic designer is to create banners, posters, logos, vouchers, etc., in beautiful designs as we saw in old-time billboards along the road nowadays it is all becomes digital. We saw many advertisements at that time nowadays it takes place in online advertisements and the work of graphic designers is created all in a beautiful design. In upcoming years, it will increase and you can earn also from this skill a-lot.

graphics design skills

You can start your career in Graphics Designing from your smartphone, but need to know all the basic concepts to learn it you can join an offline/online class or you can read books. I have mentioned the above smartphone for learning if you haven’t a PC/laptop and enough money to purchase it. In my case, I have also started a career in graphic design from Smartphone after I have started learning and Creating from my old PC. If you want to learn on smartphones use Apps like PixelLab, Picsart, Canva, etc., which is great.

If you want to learn graphic design and you have a laptop/PC, then use Photoshop and Illustrator. To learn both software in Hindi/Urdu for free visit GFX Mentor or you can learn from other YouTubers as well.

3. Video Editing

Nowadays the scope of video editing has increased. If you know two skills Video Editing and any other skills may be science, coding, mathematics, etc., then you can create videos on these topics which makes you unique in this skill.

video editing skill

It’s a great skill for creating promotions, shorts, reels, etc., I saw many peoples doing work in this field for some YouTubers who give enough money INR 1K+ for creating awesome videos in Animation than you can think How much companies give others and professionals? One of my Friends who creates wedding cinematic films charges INR 30K+ for completing it.

But I suggest you read the examples and start your own. If you want to start editing for shorts, reels, or any other personal use you can use your smartphone apps like KineMaster, Inshot, etc., these apps will help you for starting and creating videos. I have started my 1st video editing from Inshot and after some time I started using KineMaster and using it till today because I do have not a very expensive PC and not a Budget but I have only passion.

For PC/Laptop Use Filmora, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Camtasia, DaVinci, etc. Learn free from YouTube online tutorials.

4. Digital Marketing

In this you need to know and learn about How to run Facebook ads, Google ads, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), etc.? To grow any business is a most powerful skill. It is one of the best all-in-one skills of the IT sector, which needs every business or service provider to grow their reaches through digital marketing services. I saw recently years after researching in Indian Market that there are a lot of Digital Marketing companies in a region/area, but after seeing the services that they are providing which are not unique and very expensive.

digital marketing skill

In digital marketing, you need to learn graphics design, video editing, WordPress, blogger, web development, Search Engine Optimization, Google my business, Presentation Creation, logo design, etc.

5. Content Writing

Nowadays Content Writing and Teaching are a big scope. Peoples prefer beginner-friendly content to bookish content and peoples support very simple content which you can represent through YouTube, blogging, social media, etc. People don’t want to waste their time finding any topics in the book so it is a very good skill that can help you reach your goal If you are giving valuable content then people who watch your videos they got help from you.

content writing skill

To learn about any topic before writing or representing first research on a particular topic. Read about that topic from books and other articles deeply. Write it in your own language and make it easy to understand for your audience. After maybe it will be valuable content.

To start earning after learning this skill applies to any company, start your own YouTube channel or blogging, freelancing, etc.

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