Create a Professional WordPress Website in 9 simple steps

To create a WordPress website you need to take only 9 easy steps. If you want your own website and you do have not technical skills or know programming which makes it difficult to create a website then WordPress can help you to make your dream in reality. Nowadays all service/agencies need their online presence to show their work and portfolio whenever people search. Whenever some service provider company wants their website and he/she contacts or find web. Developer to create a site, then sometimes developer demands hundred or thousand dollars which is very expensive.

Let’s start with how you can create a website for yourself, for your business or service agency on WordPress which cost may be less than $100.

8 steps in which you can create your own powerful WordPress website.

1. Pick a name and find a domain for your website.

Pick a name that means what’s your service name or you can find it through these websites. Finding a name is not easy, so we recommend you to 1st choose a domain name from which your service is running.

If the domain is not available in these Top level Domain (TLD) like .com, .org, .net, etc,. then you can choose the extension of your country like .in,, .us, .uk, etc,.

2. Register Your Domain Name

Now time to register your domain and you need to fill in all the details. 


You can Purchase Domain from Namecheap, Hostinger, Hostgator, etc., but my favorite one is Namecheap registrar because it allows you to hide all your personal details for free, but some companies take extra money to hide your details whenever someone finds your domain details it will not show.

3. Decide which type of Site Need to fulfill your Requirement

It is very important to understand that now you are creating a website or you will create more than 10-20 many more Web sites. Because when you create a lot of websites maybe you need to scale your hosting plan or transfer the website to another hosting which is maybe lengthy because you need to send a request to the company to do it. Before purchasing hosting you must have an idea about your future how you will use it and how much WordPress website install.

4. Purchase a Hosting for your WordPress Website

Maybe you know that WordPress takes more space than any website that is created from coding. So it takes more space, but you don’t need to panic because I suggest you about cheap and powerful hosting plan and company name that I using for my personal and client’s projects.

hosting provider hostinger for wordpress website

A lot of hosting provider company is there in the market for a particular WordPress Website but I use hostinger web hosting premium plan which is very best to start and one reason I loved their service is 24*7 Live Chat Support. It provides value for money.

5. Point your domain to the Hosting

To point your domain name to the hosting provider.

  1. Open DNS of the domain name Registrar
  2. Add a Domain Name to the Hosting provider
  3. Go to domain DNS and write the DNS which is provided by the hosting company in the first and second DNS.

6. Install the WordPress

Install the WordPress on the domain which you purchased and point to the hosting provider company. Provide your information

  • Website Title
  • Username
  • Email Address
  • Password
  • Language of WordPress Website

7. Choose a theme for your WordPress Website

The theme is basically the look of the website. It will be installed with the default theme, but you need to deactivate and delete all default themes one by one because it is not necessary to use.

themes for wordpress website

Which type of theme you can use for your WordPress Website for your requirement?

There are more than a million WordPress themes available in the market free and paid both but it depends on your requirement. I suggest you use a multipurpose theme

  • Astra
  • Blocksy
  • GeneratePress
  • Divi
  • Neve

Or you can choose or buy a WordPress theme for a particular work/service. Like

  • Woostify for Woo Commerce
  • Newspaper for Blogging, etc.

Read more about free Multipurpose WordPress themes and their features.

8. Add plugins

The plugin adds more features and functions to your site. A lot of plugins there are in the market free and paid, but some basic plugins that help you to create a flexible and awesome website which mentioned below.

Page and Post Builder:- Elementor, Beaver, WP-Page Builder, etc.

Add Contact Form:- Contact Form 7, Ninja Press, WP-Forms, etc.

For SEO:- Rankmath or Yoast

Read more about 6 Recommended WordPress plugins.

9. Add Content to your WordPress Website

You have all the stuff above which basics to purchase install, etc. Now time to start creating pages and posts on your WordPress website.

They are two sections in WordPress Website Admin Panel.

  1. Pages
  2. Posts

Pages like Home, About, Contact, etc., but Post are very different from this because it is created on any site to provide knowledge or generate traffic. But if your site is service-providing and you have not planned about it, then you can skip this part.

Basically, there are 5-6 pages in the normal website which is mentioned below, but there is no limit to creating pages and posts on WordPress Website.

  1. Home
  2. Contact
  3. Blog (you can skip this part)
  4. About
  5. Privacy Policy
  6. Terms and Conditions

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