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In this post, I will teach you about the latest feature that was added to the Koo app which is very interesting for Koo app users. This android app is created in India like Twitter. Many Indians say it’s the Twitter of India. In this app, many features like Twitter, and you feel something like that.

One new feature that is unique and maybe all the users of the Koo App are interesting to know about it and the users who want to earn some money using the app. It might be not a job or a great opportunity for money earning in long term but in short term just for fun, you can earn money. Literally, you can earn up to 28 rupees per week.

New Features of the Koo App

The new features that were added to the Koo app are a very unique idea and a big deal for the company to attract new users to use it. I am not a promoter or a big fan of the Koo app, but just I want to show the feature that was added to it.

I am not using the app regularly, but I have created my two accounts on it 3-4 months ago and created it well maintained. After using 2-3 times from creating time just see my id. But when I open my Account today suddenly just to check my account after using 2-3 minutes I saw a notification in the home section that earn 28 Rs per week for 2800 coins. I see it very carefully and start reading read what is written there?

Earn money using Koo App daily?

There is written that “Earn Cash on Koo” Earn up to ₹28 (2800 coins) per week and a counter of 10 minutes is running below. I smiled after reading and seeing that, but I have a curiosity to know the truth So I have used my account for 10 minutes and done 100 coins after I click the button Click for Claim it has redirected to me on an account page where there are two options in a Section Your Balance 1st. Your Coins and 2nd Your Cash.

I have withdrawn a Rupee Successfully in my Paytm wallet after adding my UPI id.

How to create a new account on Koo App?

Simply you just need to install the Koo app (This is not a referral link) on your phone. If you have an account then log in If you haven’t, then you can directly sign in from Facebook, or Google or You can create a new account.

How to earn money from the Koo app and withdraw it into the account or wallet?

After creating an account According to the Koo App privacy, you just need to use 10 minutes Koo app then in the account 100 coins will be added. 100 coins will be increased every day (as you can see picture the top) if you use regular consecutive days.

  1. Go to the Home of Your Account
  2. Then You will see the “Earn Cash On Coo” and a counter will be running below the text of 10 minutes
  3. After using 10 minutes Koo app for 24 hours anytime 100 coins will be added to your Koo wallet means that 1 rupee
  4. 100 Coins will increase till the end of the week if you spend 10 minutes every consecutive day regularly and then it will be repeated again from next week.
  5. If you leave one day, then it will start from a new cycle of 100 coins
  6. Now you can claim your rupee
  7. Add your UPI id no
  8. And money will be withdrawn successfully
  9. The minimum Money You can Withdraw is 1 Rs
withdrawn money in koo app

Read about Coin Rewards instructions by the App

instructions by koo app

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