5 Best Freemium Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

Are you looking for best contact form for your WordPress site? Not sure which one is the best in 1000+ contact forms. In this article, we have collected 5 best contact form plugins for WordPress and their pros and cons, so you can easily add a contact form in WordPress.

1. WP Forms

WPForms excellent form builder plugin for WordPress.

WPForms is being used by over 5 million websites with the rating of 5 stars by more than 10,000 users.

Plan- Free & Paid Starter plan $39

WP forms plugin allows you to create a beautiful contact forms, feedback form, subscription form, payment forms & other type of forms you can create.

The free version,  WPForms Lite, is 100% free forever. It lets you build different types of WordPress forms quickly and easily using a drag and drop interface.

With the freemium version, you can create unlimited forms without writing any code, get unlimited responses and receive responses by email. This should cover most of your needs if you’re just getting started!

The paid version of WPForms comes with extra features, a larger selection than most alternatives.

Pros:  WPForms is very easy to use and comes with many  premade templates, including contact form.

Cons: You need a paid version to access the all form templates and to save form submissions.

The best thing about WPFormsThe WPForms user interface opens out into a whole browser window, so you benefit from using all your screen to build your form. Even on a small monitor, everything is clear and easy to read.

2. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is another drag & drop powerful user friendly form builder in wordpress, it lets you design beautiful forms in minutes. The main features of WordPress Plugin Ninja Forms is free and includes a large number selection of field types (like as checkbox, radio buttons and dropdowns), regular latest updates, and fully customizable form templates, As your needs to grow. If you want advanced features then you’ll need to purchase it.

Plan- Free & Paid Starter plan $99

The team of Ninja Forms is also currently published Caldera Forms. However, it has been retired and will no longer be able to support.

Pros: Ninja Forms’ users often mention its customer support as one of the best, going out of their way to help customers, even those in the free version.

Cons: You’ll have to pay if you want to add advanced features to your contact form.

The best thing about Ninja Forms Plugin: It’s designed with a “no-code” and user friendly mindset so that you can create beautiful & complex forms like a pro without any required  coding skills.

3. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is available in both a free version at WordPress.org as well as a premium version with more functionality.

Plan- Paid Starter plan 39.50

One of the things I like about this plugin is that gives you a graphical interface to customize how your forms/fields look without needing to go straight to custom CSS (though you can do that if you want).

Another cool feature that sets it apart from similar plugins is Formidable Forms Views allow you to display data collected through a form on the back-end of your website. Think of it as a dashboard showing form answers from your site, which you can then use to create data-driven web applications like business or member directories.

Formidable Form’s free plan covers the essential features you need. You can use its drag and drop WordPress form builder plugin to create a contact form and pre-built  form templates or create custom forms from scratch.

Many contact form plugins can claim to be helpful to both total beginners and expert developers – Formidable Form is one of them. You can create highly customized forms for your WordPress site with the drag and drop column controls and customizable form HTML. You doesn’t need to know how to code, though. In Formidable Forms you can easily create contact forms that match the look of your site.

The premium version can help you build more powerful and more extensive applications. The paid version offers more advanced types of forms and increased control over the look and feel of forms on your site.

Pros: It contains a high-level customization with easy to use. You can easily build custom forms and integrate them into any website if you know HTML or CSS.

Cons: More advanced levels of customization require a little more learning beyond the beginner-friendly drag-and-drop.

The best thing about Formidable Forms: Both beginners and developers alike will find Formidable Forms’ contact form plugin helpful. The easiest drag-and-drop builder combined with the possibility to customize the HTML and build website applications makes it one of the complete options out there.

4. Quform

Like Gravity or different other contact Forms, Quform is a premium-only contact form plugin. Which is available at CodeCanyon where it’s score of 4.74 star rating with more than 2,000 reviews.

Plan- Paid Starter plan $29

Quform offers a simple drag-and-drop editor to help you build your forms. The interface is quite clear and includes a live preview of how your form will look on the front-end.

You can also preview how different devices will see your form, which is helpful for create responsive layout.

Quform gives you 20+ form fields to help you to build contact forms, but it doesn’t offer quite as much functionality in the way of integrations.

For example, right now it lacks payment gateway or email marketing service integrations (though payment gateways are on the product roadmap and you can find third-party add-ons for some email marketing services).

Quform does have some neat applications, though. For example, you can create a multiple-choice option from images or cards, which lets you cool-looking forms like this one:


  • Pre-made form templates
  • Multi-page forms
  • File attachments
  • Display forms in popups
  • Conditional logic
  • Export entries to spreadsheet

Pros: The interface after build is show how your form will look like in other devices which is quite good for responsive design.

Cons: If you want to integrate payment gateways or email marketing services, then you’ll need to download other add-ons.

5. Hubspot Form

HubSpot’s a free all-in-one marketing plugin that comes with tools like WordPress form builder, live chat, analytics, CRM, and many more.

Plan- Free & Paid Starter plan $45


HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing toolkit that comes with a form live chat, builder, analytics, popups, and other many more marketing features for your website. The main appeal for HubSpot is their plugin to seamlessly integrate with their powerful CRM and sales tools.

Also keep in mind that HubSpot also easily integrate with other form tools in our list such as WPForms, Formidable, and more.


While you can use CRM, forms, live chat, and analytics for free in the HubSpot plugin, you have to upgrade to plan for use their other paid features which can get quite expensive for beginners.

HubSpot forms are not as powerful as WPForms or Formidable Forms, because it’s not provide specific features like custom user registration forms, post submission, and other other advanced features.

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